Hello there Urbanspace community!

Emergency times require emergency measures! You know that more than others. So, our plan is being in touch everyday and we’re planning to inform you about a project everyday! We’re living and we plan to take over the Play2Earn world!

We appreciate your activity and reactions inside the discord and we aimed to reach the max value for you with your help!

We run the GIVEAWAY company, for getting the most of you into the whitelist. This isn’t a single action, from now on it will be constant activity from the developers and project side.

The current giveaway is:

Starts: 15th of March 4PM GMT+03:00

Ends 17th of March 4PM GMT+03:00

Reach the Link: https://giv.gg/PvIKzX


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Urbanspace is Play 2 Earn game project with Exclusive NFT Collection with building and industrial narrative. Build your own city at metaverse with us!